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Wouldn't it be great if you could somehow automatically respond to customer requests around the clock? You can! With a free chatbot from chatpointment, your clients can contact your business anytime without the Rrrriiinng!

How it works

A chatbot (also known as a talkbot, chatterbot, Bot, IM bot, interactive agent, or Artificial Conversational Entity) is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods.


Online booking becomes a conversation. Clients simply 'say' what they want by sending a chat message to your Facebook page. chatpointment replies instantly and suggests available time slots for the services and team members your clients request.


Clients get instant booking confirmations, which immediately show up in your and their calendar. The calendar is your online reservation book which you can access anywhere, anytime. Use the calendar for all your other reservations and directly schedule vacation times, off hours and team member availability.


Your Facebook page becomes your personal online booking system that is ready in minutes. Save time on callbacks and manual scheduling. Spend more time caring for your clients. Let chatpointment be your Chief Reservation Officer

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What do I need to get started?

You need to be an 'admin' of the Facebook page you are connecting with chatpointment and you will need a Google account to access the calendar chatpointment creates and uses on your behalf.

Will my clients need an app to use chatpointment?

No. All your clients need is a Facebook account to message your page. Messages can be sent with Messenger or directly from within Facebook. Messenger and Facebook are both available in your preferred browser or from the respective iOS or Android app.

What if I want to schedule a booking by myself without chatpointment?

You can add entries manually to the calendar which will then be considered as blocked times by chatpointment. In the same way you can delete any entries from the calendar in case an appointment is cancelled.

What if I or someone on my team is on vacation?

You can specify vacation times or off-days for individual staff members directly in your calendar. chatpointment will then recognize these times as blocked and suggest alternatives instead. Enjoy your vacation!

Can chatpointment access another calendar but Google calendar?

At present chatpointment works with Google calendar, only. However, the Google calendar app is available on many platforms and the calendar itself can be imported and accessed in various other calendar applications.

Why does chatpointment use Facebook and Google calendar?

Facebook pages are popular ways for businesses to present themselves. Messenger presents a channel for businesses to connect to their customers by means of messaging, which has become the preferred form of communication for many. Google calendar comes for free with a Gmail address and is thus available to more than a billion users. Both Facebook and Google are familiar platforms with large active user bases, which ultimately gives chatpointment and businesses using it the largest possible reach.

What does chatpointment do with my data?

chatpointment is forwarding messages between your client and your Facebook page's inbox, but does not keep track of or store individual messages, let alone sell it to third parties. To enhance our services, we may analyze anonymized conversations and use those to improve our AI's natural language understanding.

How can I uninstall chatpointment?

Login to the chatpointment App and disconnect your chatpointment chatbot. You can also uninstall chatpointment from your Facebook page directly, by going to 'Settings' and navigating to the 'Messenger platform' menu, where you can remove the chatpointment Facebook app.

What if chatpointment is no more?

We certainly don't hope for it! But in any case the calendar is yours and you can continue using it. Your calendar entries stay accessible and are not lost. chatpointment can always be disconnected directly via your Facebook page's 'Settings' menu, in case the chatpointment App should not be accessible.