For Hair & Beauty Salons

Trade in your reservation book. It's worth it.

Don't be afraid to get cut! Send a message to book your next styling with chatpointment.

The Get Cut Or Try Dyeing hair studio is a chatpointment showcase for beauty services. It demonstrates how clients arrange an appointment by stating their preferred time, date, service and team member.

The conversation flow is not rigid and allows clients to change their mind at any time. So when the bot asks for a date, a client may instead respond with a preferred time or right away state all necessary details at once.

Also suitable for

  • Barber Shops
  • Beauty salons
  • Waxing studios
  • Massage studios
  • all other beauty services

For Doctors

Relieve your receptionist. It's worth it.

Praxis Biss-Fest is a fictional dentist showcase that demonstrates the use of chatpointment in the health care domain. Business details, offered services and team members are all individually customized.

Additionally, Praxis Biss-Fest shows how chaptointment converses in German. References to time and date are of course localized accordingly.

Also suitable for

  • Therapist
  • Health Center
  • Massage studios
  • all other health care services